Menu Amiral 39€
The Chef’s Suggestion

The 12 Snails in Garlic Butter

Gratinées Sea Scallops

Cod, shelfish sauce
Beef Filet with Port Sauce
The Chef’s Suggestion
Cheese Board
Choice of Sweet

Menu Batelier 29.50€
Duck Timbale, Ranger sauce
Six Oyester n°3
The fish Soupe
Skate with Cappers
The Salmon with Pears and Roquefort sauce
The piece of Meat of the moment
Cheese Board or Choice of Sweet

Menu Capitaine 25.50€

Home made Pate

Varied Hors d’œuvre

Prawns cocktail


Beef Bourguignon

Hake with Prawns Sauce

Pork stuffed


Cheese board or sweet

Menu Matelot* 18€

Starter of Day
Dish of the Day
Sweet of the Day or coffee

>* not served on saturday, sunday and days off


Menu Mousse from 7.50€
7.50€ -10years old, 10.50€ -14years old

One dish, one sweet and one drink 20cl

Mussels and Chips
Piece of meat of the moment
Meunière Fish

Ice Cream
Cottage cheese
Chocolate mousse


The Sea Foods
Sea Food Plate (32 Euros)
4 oysters, winkles,welks, prawns,shrimps, 1/2 crab, 3 Langoustines
Sea Food Trays (2 peoples) (59 Euros)
8 oysters, winkles, prawns, shrimps, 2x 1/2 crabs, Welks, 6 Langoustines
Grilled Lobster (8.30 Euros for 100g)
600g/700g and more
Crab with mayonnaise (12.50 Euros)
The 12 oysters n°3 (22.80 Euros)
The 6 oysters n°3 (11.40 Euros)
Plate of Prawns (12.50 Euros)
Plate of Winkles and Prawns (10.50 Euros)
Plate of fisherman (16.50 Euros)
Prawns,shrimps, winkles,Welks, 2 oysters
Grilled Crab (14.50 Euros)