• Annual Closed

    The Restaurant is closed 19th december 2018 to 21st january 2019 included.

    The team wish you a happy new year celebration.

  • The Starters

    Duck Timbale Ranger Sauce (12.50 euros)
    Home Made Pate (9.30 Euros)
    Sea Scallops in Tarragon Sauce (14.50 Euros)
    Gratinées Sea Scallop (12.50 Euros)
    Twelve Snails in Garlic butter (12.50 Euros)
    Six Snails in Garlic butter (7.20 Euros)
    Fish soup (8.50 Euros)
    Start of the Day (7.20 Euros)

    Varied Hors d’œuvre (9.30 Euros)

    Fishs garnis

    The Chef’s Suggestion (22.50 Euros)
    Meunière Sole (30 Euros)
    Salmon Pears and Roquefort Sauce (15.50 Euros)

    Skate with cappers (15.00 Euros)

    Hake with Prawns Sauce (13.50 Euros)

    Rost cod with Shellfish sauce (18.00 Euros)

    Mussels in White Wine sauce with Chips (12.50 Euros)
    « Normandy » Mussels with Chips (14.50 Euros)
    Mussels with Roquefort sauce with Chips (14.50 Euros)


    Meats garnis
    Beef filet with pepper or Port sauce (22 Euros)
    Grilled Beef filet (19.00 Euros)
    Beef Bourgignon (12.50 Euros)
    Dish of the Day (12.50 Euros)

    Piece of meat  with  sauce (15.50 Euros)


    Garnis in extra with the dish
    chips portion (3,50 Euros)
    green salad (3,50 Euros)
    Mixte salad (3,50 Euros)


    ***Tous nos plats sont servis avec garniture de légumes, pain et beurre
    Poissons et coquillages selon arrivage
    service compris